We gather and remove all leaves, branches, litter and debris. Garden beds are thoroughly blown out with the leaf blowers, the lawn is blown and/or raked, as well as the cleaning of all other surfaces and areas within the property.

All leaves and debris are assembled and put into brown garden bags or onto tarps and are loaded into our trucks or trailers. All debris will be disposed at a city transfer station.


We use gas powered leaf blowers and hand tools.


Spring clean-ups start at $130 for a 2-person crew and $160 for a 3-person crew. Time on site can vary from 1 hour for a small property, up to and over 3 hours for large or messy properties. There will be a separate dumping charge based on the weight of debris disposed. This work must be quoted in person.

Spring clean ups will be invoiced once the work is completed or monthly along with our regular invoicing.

Frequency / Length of Season

We begin to take care of our client’s Spring clean-up needs as soon as the snow has melted and the ground has thawed. Our general state date each season is April 1st.