Overseeding is a method of spreading seed over top of an existing lawn. As your lawn continues to age the production of new grass blades begins to slow down, and in this weakened state, weeds can start to take over. A few main reasons for overseeding lawns are: the lawn has become thin, brown and or patchy.

Spot seeding is when certain areas of your lawn require additional seeding due to bare spots from heavy traffic, animal urine, shady and low-growth areas.

Top Dressing is a thin layer of top soil spread across the top of the lawn. When Top Dressing, along with overseeding, it’s a fantastic way to maximize the health of your soil and the beauty of your lawn. It adds valuable organic matter to the soil base which improves soil fertility and root structure. It’s also an opportunity to even out any bumps or dips in the lawn. A beautifully vibrant, dense, even lawn is the result.


We only use Premium sun/shade grass seed (can be specifically sun or shade seed upon request), manual grass seed spreaders, superior bagged or bulk top soil and hand tools and rakes.


All seeding jobs are priced by labor + materials.

Labor cost is our regular labor rate of $130 for a 2-person crew, $160 for a 3-person crew.

Materials cost is based on the total cost of grass seed and top soil used.

Length of Season

It’s ideal to seed in the spring during the growth season, achieving best results if done along with an aeration and spring fertilizer application. However, it can be done all season long and still provide great results.


It’s recommended to over-seed and top dress your lawn every Spring to ensure a thick, green and healthy lawn each year. One application of over-seeding while top dressing, will always provide excellent results for damaged or thin lawns and is generally only needed each Spring. Though for heavily damaged or very thin lawns, 2 or even 3 over-seeding applications can be needed to fully restore a lawn.