Our experienced staff will take care of your lawn, with quality and care as our main priority. We will expertly trim all the edges and remove all weeds from driveways, patios and path cracks. For our tidy cleanup process, we ensure that all grass clippings and debris will be blown clean from all gardens and surface areas.


All of our machines used are gas powered. We choose to use commercial push mowers as opposed to larger ride-on or walk-behind mowers that can scalp or damage lawns with hills or contours.


Our Lawn Maintenance pricing is quoted on a cost per visit basis, which depends on size and time taken to complete. That’s why all of our quotes are done in-person so that we can most accurately price your property based on its different features.

Lawn Maintenance is invoiced monthly. Our standard is to send invoices by email, but paper invoices can be dropped off if requested.

Length of Season

Our Lawn Maintenance season runs from the beginning of May to the end of October.


We offer weekly and bi-weekly Lawn Cutting services. We recommend that all lawns be cut weekly during the Spring growth season. Depending on the lawn type, weather and watering habits, some lawns may only need bi-weekly visits at times throughout the summer. Unless you tell us otherwise, our staff will use their discretion to decide if your lawn needs cutting that week.