Pruning and shaping of all hedges, shrubs, bushes, uprights, and all other required prune able plant material. We thoroughly clean up all trimmed clippings and debris and dispose of it.


Gas powered hedge trimmers, pruning shears, hand tools and leaf blowers.


Hedge trimming/pruning is done at our labor rate of $140 for a 2-person crew, $170 for a 3-person crew. This work can range from a minimum of 30 minutes for a small hedge and or bushes, up to 2+ hours for large and or multiple hedges and bushes. Must be quoted in person. The work will be invoiced once completed or monthly along with our regular invoicing.

Length of Season

The ideal pruning season generally starts late Spring (May) and goes until early fall (September), though it can be done at any time during the season based on client request.


It’s common for hedges and bushes to grow at different rates, especially considering the varying weather throughout the season. That makes it difficult to determine exactly how often everything needs pruning. We recommend a monthly pruning schedule, but that can fluctuate around the high and low growth periods as well as client preference.